Abu Dhabi Government Entities* use ADERP, which is a collaborative, web-based tool that enables buyers and suppliers to manage Tendering and Sourcing electronically. Abu Dhabi Government Entities* may issue public or limited tenders.

Public Tenders

  • Public Tenders issued by Abu Dhabi Government Entities* are published and made available on the Abu Dhabi Government Procurement Gate automatically.
  • The Public Tender summary is public information and can be accessed by prospective bidders to ascertain the relevance of the tender to their business.
  • Interested suppliers can login to ADERP for responding to the Public Tenders.

Limited Tenders

  • Abu Dhabi Government Entity* buyers have visibility of all registered suppliers and may invite relevant suppliers for participating in the Limited Tenders.
  • Suppliers invited to participate in Limited Tenders will receive an invitation email and will be able to see the specific sourcing event in their ADERP dashboard which is accessible after supplier login.

Did You Know

Qualification conducted as a part of the supplier registration process is not equivalent to shortlisting for tenders. It does not guarantee business with any Abu Dhabi Government Entity. Abu Dhabi Government Entities may conduct their own screening and technical evaluation during tenders.

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